actually it wasnt really my first internship bcos on my high school days ago, i've been partically worked as intern in Astra Daihatsu..
soo, the first day of my another chances internship today was quite good, instead of i had a dream last night about being hired as intern on a 5 star hotel that i usually wanted, but due my sh*tty schedule that still not be confirmed by my university, unfortunately i cant intern on that hotel.....
so this is it, i'm now partically being hired as an intern on a culinary well known website that luckily the office is quite near from my house.  well, lets talk about my first day of internship today. hmm, quite nice.. the people on the office was good and quite friendly. and the task that the leader gave to me not very difficult (for now)..but what i dislike today its bcos me and other team mate should brought a big size amount of magazine from 1st floor to the 4th floor (which is currently my office located) and its really tiring task... but well, be thankful that its just only once (maybe) a month that i need to do that thing again.. *fingercrossed*so yap well that its..
sorry if my post kinda a boring thing but i just wanna share my day with all the beloved readers out there hehehe ;)xoxo,


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    July 2013