About a week ago, I was given an opportunity to visit one of the most well known restaurant at Puncak, called Cimory RiverSide. Actually, Cimory River Side is their new branch after the first restaurant which is called Cimory Mountain View. As you can read on the name above, you may know that the concept of their resto is based on the themes and situations on there, if you go to Cimory Mountain View, the scenery that you will see is a few of Big mountain that located not too far from Cimory, and if you go to Cimory River Side, what you will see is the scenery of a long river which is very beautiful and enchanting.

The purpose I went to Cimory on that Monday was for attending Chocomory Food blogger event which is presented by Chocomory itself and also Yukmakan.com. So I would like to explain a lil bit about Chocomory. Chocomory is the first local Belgian Chocolate Shop in Indonesia that made and founded by Mr. Axel Sutantio as one of the director in Cimory. And Chocomory was inaugurated on 3rd December 2012 last year. The Tagline for the Chocomory itself is “Where Happiness Comes Alive”. As what they said in their tagline, their vision and missions of this company is to bring such a joyful and interesting experience for those who going to  Chocomory. They also have a open factory concept, so people can take a look on how they make their chocolate. And I think this is a good concept because all the consumers could have an opportunity to take a look and see by themselves how Chocomory keep their freshness for their products by a good working flow in the factory.

So, once I got there with the others food blogger, we were served by their kindness to had a lunch. We need to choose 1 of their 4 recommended menus in Cimory River Side, which are Ring Kanzler Sausage, Spiral Kanzler Sausage, Chicken Cordon Bleu, dan Nasi Goreng Chicken BBQ (Fried Rice Chicken BBQ). We need to choose one of those foods and I personally choose Chicken Cordon Bleu which is very delicious and well cooked. When you sliced the chicken, you could see how tempting the hams, chicken and also the melted cheese are blended together with other ingredients. 

After we had a lunch, we watched Mr. Axel's presentation about Chocomory. One thing that amaze me is, as one of the directors in Cimory and the owner of Chocomory, Mr. Axel must be a very busy person and also have a tight schedule, but he actually spare his time to be spent with us and gave us an useful experience. From the first time we come until the events done, he was there accompanying us and by his humble personality he always answered our questions. The presentations also went so well. At first, He introduced us to know more about Chocomory itself from how it builds, the meaning of Chocomory, their visions and many more. And he also told us about Chocomory variant product. There are so many variant of chocolate that Chocomory sells, such as Chocolate Cover, Chocolate Bar, Rochers, Lollypop, and other unique products. As example, for Chocolate Cover also divided by many variant of flavor such as Almond Crunchies, Chocoreo, Cookies Coins, Waferfingers, Mocha Crunch and Cornflakes. My favorite is Almond Crunchies and Chocoreo. And for Chocolate Bar type, it also divided by many variant of flavor such as White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

After we get introduced by their variant of products, Mr. Axel told us 3 critical things that you need to know about chocolate. Those 3 things are ; Water, Temperatures, and also Aroma. Those things means that when you make your own chocolates, those 3 things needs to be concern if you want to get a delicious and fresh chocolate. The water content must be consider in the making of the chocolate, The temperatures must be right and also those chocolate must be avoided from bad smells that maybe lingering on the room.

After we listened to Mr. Axel’s presentation, We were invited to come to their factory and take a look of their factory and how they make their chocolate and keep it fresh as always. We were not just get to take a look on the factory but we were also get a chance to make our own chocolate. We were taught by one of their Chocolatier in how to make a delicious chocolate, and we get freely to choose the toppings to fill the chocolate inside. And the other good news is, the chocolate that we have done there, we also can take it home. In my own chocolate creation, I made 3 chocolate and filled with some toppings inside which are almond nuts, oreo and hazelnuts. It was so fun and all the crew or chocolatier in there were very kind, they helped us to make a good chocolate for our self. And also we learnt that a good chocolate is a chocolate that can easily melt when we took it to our mouth, and all of Chocomory chocolate are really melted effortlessly when you take it to your mouth. So Yummy!  

So.. The time is up, and it was the time that we need to go home. Before we were going home, Chocomory gave us super yummy goody bag which is contain by so many delicious things from Cimory, like Cimory milk, Soya milk and the other kinds of Cimory’s Milk and Yoghurt. And before we were going home, they also gave us a chance to tasted their signature and recommended drink which is called Blueberry Yoghurt Shake.

Ok, that’s all that I got from there, not just a very delicious goody bag that we could take it home, but in the other way, I personally said that its such an interesting and exciting experience that I got from there, I learnt so many things in there and heard so many things that I don’t know but now I become to know more about chocolate. Thank Chocomory to giving us such a memorable yet exciting experience. Cheers! x

Cimory Riverside
Jl. Raya Puncak 415
Cisarua - Bogor
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