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Hello foodlovers,

Today I wanna share new review about Carnivor The Meat Company that located in Sunter, Jakarta Utara. Actually, Carnivor The Meat Company have about two branchs that located in Sunter, Pantai Indah Kapuk. The ambience on Carnivor is quite nice, I can’t deny that they successfully decorated their restaurant so well. Carnivor served many kinds of foods and beverages that refers to Western and Italian foods. And Carnivor is a great place for those who wanna have a special occasion on there like birthday party, meetings and others.

Its my second time to have dinner on there, and let me write some reviews of their foods for you guys. When the first time I went there, me and my friends ordered their Pizza. But I forgot the name of the pizza that I ordered, it served with bacon and egg and it was taste quite good. And the second time I went there, I ordered their pasta which is very good and I really recommended it. The pasta that I ordered named Pesto Cream Pasta with Grilled Chicken. You can see on the picture that I showed you guys, the texture of the pasta its really good and chewy. What I like the most is the pesto seasoning. I don’t know how to describe but it tasted really good and delicious. And for the grilled chicken, its really comfortable to eat (not too hard to chew) and tasted so good. So I really recommended this pasta for those pasta and pesto seasoning lovers. Hihi

Ok, that’s it.. I hope you guys enjoyed my reviews  thanks :)

Alamat :Jl. Griya Sejahtera , Sunter - Jakarta Utara
 Telepon:021 2937 6275

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