For today review, i will write about pasta (again).. hehe, but for this time, maybe most of you already come to this place and try their menus because this resto is one of the well known restaurant in Jakarta that located in the center heart of Jakarta, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Yep! Its Pasta De Waraku. 

Actually, its not my first time to come here because i already tried their foods for many times before. But, let my give some of my words to you guys about this place and their food. For the place, as you know that Pasta De Waraku is one of many restaurant that founded and builded by one of biggest culinary company in Indonesia, Ismaya. Ismaya is well known as a creative culinary conceptor and builder that everything that they build always become hype. So like of the most Ismaya dining concept, Pasta De Waraku have the great ambience and venue with really nice decoration which is very comfortable.

And for the food, the last time i went to Pasta De Waraku i order Chicken and Mushroom with wafu sauce. Honestly i would like to say that the taste is not like what i was expected. sorry to say but, in my opinion its just so average. But, i like the texture of the pasta which is chewy and soft. so i would rate this place and their menu for 3.5 of 5.

Not only pasta, you can try many different kinds of menus there such as soup pasta, wafu fried rice, wafu pizza, and one of their popular dessert Hanito.

Thanks and i hope you enjoyed my review.

Pasta De Waraku 
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1 Menteng Menteng Jakarta Pusat DKI Jakarta, Indonesia ‎
+62 21 23580916 ‎ 

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